Home7 Ways To Make 7 Lakhs Per Month In 8 -10 Months
7 Ways To Make 7 Lakhs Per Month In 8 -10 Months
7 Ways To Make 7 Lakhs Per Month In 8 -10 Months7 Ways To Make 7 Lakhs Per Month In 8 -10 Months

7 Ways To Make 7 Lakhs Per Month In 8 -10 Months

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Product Description

Would you like to learn how to make your first 6 Figures?

Let me ask you a few questions: (tell me if it's a yes or a no)

  • Would you like to learn how to make 6 Figures Online?
  • Would your life change if you had 6 Figure Income From Home?
  • Imagine you took that money and paid off your debt..
  • Imagine you could help support your parents...
  • Imagine you could finally travel the world...
  • Imagine you can finally buy that new thing you always wanted...

If you answered "Yes" you'll be able to learn about making the kind of income that allows you to do do so.

All that you want will not be possible if you're working and laboring in your job.

You need an extra source of income. You need multiple sources of income.

Hi, My Name is Jehoyakim Jena.

I'm here to help you create financial freedom so that you can live your best lives sooner rather than later. Since many people were asking me about how they can make money online from various sources, I've decided to put together a tiny product that will help you kickstart your financial journey to high 6 Figures.

This book will guide you through 7 Methods that any beginner should use to get to your first 1 Lakh - 7 Lakhs without any investment or start up costs on their end. Only pure hustle, time, effort, energy and strategies.

The hustle, time, effort and energy is all free. No, you don't have to invest any money to make this kind of money.

Only invest to learn these 7 strategies to make your first 1-7 Lakhs. A small invest won't do much harm to your bank account. In fact it will change your financial life.

My goal is to help at least 10,000 people break free from the matrix and system we're all stuck in and help them create Financial Freedom & Lifestyle Freedom.

To give you all the 7 Methods & Strategist, I've compiled them into a beautiful book that you can read, learn and start implementing as soon as possible.


The 7 Ways To Make 7 Lakhs Per Month ($10,000 USD) in 8-10 Months.

This Ebook guides you by showing how you can make an extra ordinary income even if you have not a dime before.

Everyone has the opportunity to make money online. Why aren't you?

Most people who are new think "Making Money Online" doesn't work.

You can make a lot of money online...

Do you want to make money through free methods that will help you make over 1 Lakh - 7 Lakh Per month in 8-10 months?

In this guide, I share with you:

  • 7 Methods You can Start to Make Money for Free.
  • How To Get People To Buy/Sign Up From You.
  • Accountability Tracker Sheets For Each Methods.
  • Marketing, Sales & Promotional Strategy for Each Method.
  • Monthly Plan To Hitting 7 Lakhs Per Month ASAP.
  • The Sprint-Method To Helping You Get Your First 1 Lakh - 7 Lakh Goal Faster.
  • Mindset Shifts You Must Get into If You Want To Actually Succeed.

The Americans all aim for making 6 Figures faster. Why aren't Indians doing so well? They're not aspiring to be one, that's why!

A 6 Figure American Income is $100,000: $8,333 Per Month.

We'll get you to your first $10,000 Per Month (7 Lakhs Per Month) First.

(All the Methods are Free To Get Started, But My Strategies Will Shape Your Results).

Here Are The Modules Inside This Ebook:

Introduction Module - This module will give you an overview about making money in today's economy and get the right mindset on how you make money with all these methods and help you get started.

Method #1 - Making Money Using 5 Financial Apps - You'll learn about how to many money using the 5 financial apps that have a refer and earn program and how you can generate 7 lakhs using them.

Method #2 - Making Money By Creating & Selling E-Books - You'll learn how you can create simple and profitable eBooks around certain topics that you already know and generate 7 lakhs per month using them.

Method #3 - Making Money By Creating & Selling Online Courses - You'll learn how to create and sell online courses so that you can make an easy 1-7 Lakhs per month even if you've never done this before.

Method #4 - Making Money By Creating & Selling Digital Products - You'll learn how to create tiny and profitable digital products that will make you your first 1-7 lakhs per month faster in any niche possible.

Method #5 - Making Money Using Affiliate Marketing - You'll learn about how you can make a lot of money promoting other people's products for free and make an easy 7 lakhs per month with less effort on your part.

Method #6 - Making Money Using Hight Ticket Coaching - You'll learn how you can create a high ticket coaching offer and get paid to coach people online using zoom and you never have to leave your home or work for anyone. An easy 7 lakhs per month strategy that you can adopt to make money from home.

Method #7 - Making Money By Selling High Ticket Services - You'll learn how to sell a high ticket service to customers from all over the world and make big money. Even if you don't have a skill you can still make money by outsourcing the work to people online who have the skills and profit the difference.

Marketing & Promotional Strategies - I've included marketing and promotional strategies for each and every method with a plan of action to make 7 lakhs in 3-4 months time frame if you use the sprint method.

If you can follow the sprint method, you'll be able to change your financial life. This eBook guide contains all the secrets you wish you had known. Upon purchasing this secret book, your eyes will be opened to what's really possible in the online world.

Total Value of this Guide: INR 1,999.

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*update on pricing: we moved it from Rs.100 to Rs.299 because of the value we added into this product.


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