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Ebook Income FormulaEbook Income FormulaEbook Income FormulaEbook Income Formula

Ebook Income Formula

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Do you want to learn how to create your own Ebook & Sell It Online?

I sold my first eBook 3 years ago for $27.

It was a Blogger's Bundle Planner with 5 Worksheets & 5 Templates that I created from scratch that actually sold. I couldn't believe it because it sold in 24 hours.

(You'll learn about that inside this course).

Then I sold other eBooks ranging from anywhere from $7 to $197 in the subsequent years.

I've had a lot of fun creating eBooks and selling them.

I've even sold other people's eBooks for them as an Affiliate. It is actually fun to promote other people's stuff as well.

People actually want to buy them if you really think about it.

You'll also get to experience the rewards of making money selling eBooks once you take this course & get your first sale in a week.

Now if you look at it, In total I've sold more than $15k worth of eBooks easily in these past 3 years alone via Instagram & Twitter & Email List with $0 ad spend.

But, I know what you're thinking... 

“I’m not a writer”

You don’t have to be one to sell create & sell eBooks. In fact, I'm not a writer myself but I've acquired the skills myself to easily be able to sit and write and eBook on any topic if I have to.

“Writing an eBook is so tough”

You may have not written an eBook before that's why you say this way. Actually, it’s not tough at all. I’ll show you an “easy” way to do it so you can complete it asap.  

“I’ve no idea where to start”

Creating an eBook should be fun if you do it right and I’ll give you the exact instruction & motivation you need to complete it from start to finish.

“I don't know what I should write about”

Don’t worry about it. I’ve got you covered. I’ll show the exact steps you can follow so that you can start creating eBooks like you're cooking up your favorite food or something.

“I’m not an expert”

Well, you don’t need to be. I wasn't an expert when I first started creating eBooks. I'll show you how you can create an insanely valuable eBook that people will love to get their hands on. 

“Who’s going to buy my eBooks”

I'm sure you'll get these nervous jitters in the back of your mind. But apparently you'll find that a shit ton of people are interested in buying your eBook. And I’ll show you how to attract the right people to your eBook offer. So, we've got that covered, I'll show you how to sell it as well.

“I think It’s too hard”

Before you go down that route I want you to imagine if you just had an eBook that people wanted to buy from you everyday will you stop yourself from not giving the people what they wanted from you? It would be a dis-service actually on your behalf. So, no, it’s not too hard. It’s the easiest online business model out there. You should remove the word "hard" from your vocabulary. Things get hard only when you say it's hard. You say "it's easy" and it gets easier by the minute. (Everything is in the mind).

“I think It’s not worth my time”

What if you can make $10k/month selling eBooks? What if you made $30k/month or $50k/month? Then will it be worth your time? If you said I want that money. Then I think, it’s actually possible. Think of possibilities and go for it, that's how you get rich. 

“I don’t have the right tools”

I’ll show you all the tools you need to create eBooks & sell them. I can show both free ways and paid ways to get it off the ground. Now you choose which one you want to follow. Paid or Free? 99% of these steps are actually FREE. 

“I don’t know how to sell online”

Don't worry I've got that covered, Everything from writing to creating to packaging to selling is all covered right here for you. I’ll show you the exact system I follow every time to create an eBook to making your first $ale online. 

“I have a full-time job, I don't have time”

Don't worry, It doesn’t matter if you're employed or unemployed. You can easily get it done in the extra time that you have in your hands. All you need is just a 1 hour a day. Can you make time for making money?

If you said "yes" and you're wiling to make more money than your job or side-hustle, you're ready to make $100,000 this year, you'll go all in if you want that kind of money, all the ones who are succeeding at this level making 6 figures they all go all-in into creating products & selling online, they're the ones who are succeeding.

If you're ready to make this kind of staggering income in one year, I want you to take action on what I show you inside this guide.

You’ll have your eBook business up and running faster than you can imagine.

I can't wait for you to be one of my success stories out of thousands who fail on the Internet for not even trying.

Remember winners go, all-in and complete this step to make their first $1k, $10k or even $100k income online.

Are you a winner or do you already consider yourself a loser?

A simple $25 eBook can elevate your money game....to a whole another level...

  • Sell 5 a day = $3.7k/month
  • Sell 10 a day = $7.5k/month
  • Sell 20 a day = $15k/month
  • Sell 30 a day = $22.5k/month
  • Sell 50 a day = $37.5k/month
  • Sell 100 a day = $75k/month
  • Sell 200 a day = $150k/month
  • Sell 500 a day = $375k/month
  • Sell 1000 a day = $750k/month

For most people, even an extra $6k-$8k/month is enough to quit their day job.

What about you? Think about this, you create this once and you sell it over and over and over again...making you passive income for one-time effort.

I can tell you that Selling eBooks is the best online businesses you could ever try today. It's much easier than creating a course. Much easier than recording, editing & uploading YouTube Videos. It's easy to get started with and much easier to scale.

Less effort & more income to make. 

Why selling eBooks is the best online business model for most people?

  • Location freedom.
  • Time freedom.
  • Huge-profit margin.
  • No shipping cost.
  • No shipping restrictions.
  • No storage space and cost.
  • No inventory shortage.
  • Make 6 figures or more.
  • Quit your job very fast because this will succeed for you.
  • Make money on autopilot.
  • Use this model to get rich in today's economy.

So if you're ready to create a new income source for yourself, click the button below and get started.

I'm sharing everything you need to know so that you can also get your eBook up and ready for making sales & becoming profitable.

What You're Getting In This Offer:

Ebook Income Formula - Ebook (Complete Guide A->Z) ($197 Value)

This eBook is broken down into 3 parts:

Part 1 - Objections, Challenges & Mindset.

Part 2 - Creating Your Ebook.

Part 2 - Selling Your Ebook.

Each of these parts have 10 Chapters. So you have over 25 chapters in this book and over 30,000 words.

Plus you'll also get the following Bonuses.

Bonuses included in the purchase:

Bonus #1: Ebook Sales Tracker Template. ($47 Value)

Bonus #2: Content Marketing & Tracker Template. ($47 Value)

Bonus #3: Tweet Templates For Generating Sales. ($47 Value)

Bonus #4: Instagram Post & Story Templates For Generating Sales. ($47 Value)

Bonus #5: Email Templates For Generating Sales. ($97 Value).

Bonus #6: How To Build An Email List. ($197 Value).

Bonus #7: Lead Magnet Creator Formula. ($97 Value).

Bonus #8: Your First $1k Ebook Income Business. ($197 Value).

Bonus #9: Selling on Other Platforms Strategy Book. ($197 Value).

Bonus #10: YouTube Selling Formula Ebook. ($197 Value).

Bonus #11: DM Selling Formula Ebook. ($397 Value).

Bonus #12: Paid Promotion Selling Strategy Ebook. ($597 Value).

Total Value: $2,361 Value.

Final Price: $397.

For the first 100 students, you'll get this at $47.

(Use Coupon Code = 47)

For the second 100 students, you'll get this at $67.

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For the third 100 students, you'll get this at $97.

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For the fourth 100 students, you'll get this at $147.

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For the fifth set of 100 students, you'll get this at $197.

(Use Coupon Code = 197)

After that you'll have to pay $397, the Full Price.

You might be asking why you're selling at such a low price, here's the catch:

  1. I want to make it affordable for you so that you can start making money.
  2. If you do well, you promise to give me a review + you'll do business with me in the future.

So if you're ready, click the button and get started. I can't wait to see you make $1k, $10k, $50k or $100k using this strategy.

I'll add you the hall of fame if you hit these milestones mentioned above.

Click "I WANT THIS" to claim your copy. 

P.S - If you want to promote this product as an affiliate, don't hesitate to reach out to me at jehoyakimjena@gmail.com you'll be eligible to earn 40% commissions on this product. So the final commission amount you'd get would be calculated after the customer applies the coupon code at the checkout.


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