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Digital Marketing Fundamentals Course
Digital Marketing Fundamentals Course

Digital Marketing Fundamentals Course

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Learn Digital Marketing Basics & Essentials in 30 Days.

This is a complete fundamentals email course where you can learn everything about Digital Marketing Fundamentals and how to get started with everything involved in how it works.

Here's what you're going to learn in this course:

Course Curriculum:

Lesson 1: Digital Marketing overview.

Lesson 2: Traffic.

Lesson 3: Offer.

Lesson 4: Conversion.

Lesson 5: Lead Magnets.

Lesson 6: Lead Generation.

Lesson 7: Email Marketing.

Lesson 8: Blogging & Content Creation.

Lesson 9: Social Media Marketing.

Lesson 10: Sales & Funnels.

Lesson 11: Wrap Up & Implementation.

You will get all the lessons you need to make digital marketing work for you.

Regular Price: INR. 15,000.

Your Price Today: INR 4,999.

Learn the basics all the way to get yourself set up on getting your digital marketing system set up so you can understand how it works.

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About The Creator

The creator of this course is Jehoyakim Jena.

The goal is to help everyday normal people + hustlers learn about the fundamentals of digital marketing so that they can use it for their business, job or any kind of online venture.

With this course, you'll learn how to use digital marketing for whatever needs you may have. Because when you learn about marketing and selling things online, you now have the opportunity to change your life right from the comfort of your home so you leave the job you hate and do whatever you love.

To Your Success,

Jehoyakim Jena.

P.S - Email me if you have any questions: jehoyakimjena@gmail.com


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